How Can You Evaluate The Quality of a School

As a parent, you always wish the best for your child, and therefore you will like to take her to a good school that will nature her education life and talent too. The challenge came in when evaluating the quality of a school to take your child. The mistake many parents make, is to use the students’ performance as the primary indicator of a quality school. Grades student score is an inaccurate way of evaluating the school quality since there are other weaknesses, and strengths of a learning institution that might not be measured using the grades. Word of mouth and the test scores tend to be the main factors parents use to evaluate a school which should not be the case.


What factors should you look for when evaluating the quality of a school?


The moment you wish to evaluate quality of a school there are many factors that you should look at, and not the students’ performance only. Here are some of the main qualities you should look at;


  1. The staff attitude

Upon arriving in the school, the first encounter with the school staff should enable you determine the mood, and the environment of the school. If you get a warm welcome, and a respectful approach upon your arrival, it means the staff, and the entire school can be trusted with your child. Can you imagine if a staff is rude to you, how about when dealing with your child? Take your child to a school with friendly, and approachable staff that you can easily contact in case anything happens.


  1. School should be student-centered


A quality school should have policies aiming at improving the well-being of students both in class, and outside class. In this case, the principal should come up with systems together with policies that drive the agenda of the school as well as giving students priority. Any theme the school creates should always factor the affairs of the student. The principal should have a team of staff, and teachers who are willing to drive his/her agenda.


  1. Facilities


The most obvious way of evaluating the quality of a school is looking at the facilities it offers to the students. For instance, a good school should have high-quality classrooms with comfortable desks, well-equipped library, and laboratories. Playing ground, and other playing facilities should also be present in the school to take care of co-curriculum activities. Your child deserves an excellent learning environment for her to succeed, and facilities are essential in making your child comfortable in school.


  1. Mentoring Programs


A school should serve as source mentorship to the students to enable them achieve their goals in life. A quality school will invest in mentoring the young brains, and try to bring out the best out of them. Teachers, and staff of the school should always play a role in mentoring the students.


On the other hand, the school should also train the teachers on how to mentor the students and the new teachers who are joining the team. They should be health concerned and be aware on causes and prevention of diabetes


In summary, evaluating the quality of a school should be beyond the students’ performance in class. The role a school plays in shaping the life of a student, and what it provides to help the student achieve her goals should be given priority in the evaluation.